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Blogging is Easy

From a (sort of) recent Facebook status update:

While I agree for the most part with the “Tumblr > Twitter” sentiment, well, that’s kind of obvious. Twitter is definitely good for some things (mostly sharing short fleeting thoughts, but also sometimes for sharing links, and conversing with people who use Twitter as their main form of communication). I did not see “being a blog” in that list, though. And as Commenter #1 points out, you can view Twitter updates on your Tumblr dashboard while posting slightly longer commentaries on Tumblr. Of course, Commenter #1 also makes the fatal mistake of saying that he (or she) wishes they knew HTML.
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Mcrblggng Vds

Mzng hw y cn ndrstnd ths wth n vwls rght?

Anyway, haven’t posted in 10 days, so what better way to rectify that than by posting videos?

Aardvark is Aawesome


I wrote about Aardvark when I first read about it on Read/WriteWeb. I recently received an invitation to join, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I still am questioning the use of, and I’m not even really sure why it’s called Aardvark instead of something they could have gotten the full URL for. But, that matters very little in the face of having questions answered in minutes (if not seconds).

Example: I just got an iPhone (I know, I couldn’t bring myself to take a risk with an Android phone even though it sounded really nice), and I accidentally hit the mute button which I didn’t realize existed. I pinged Aardvark real quick and asked what the problem could be and got two replies very quickly that informed me of the mute button and therefore solved my problem. No more bothering my brother-in-law for tech support on my new toy.

If you’d like an invite to Aardvark, I’ve got 10. You’ll have to leave your email address (so Facebook Connect probably won’t work), and at least 3 things that you want to get questions about.

Official Google Social Web Blog

Google, Inc.
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First post from Google’s new Social Web blog. Exciting!