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Aardvark on the iPhone – Mobile Answers

The need to call my brother-in-law when I was out and needed access to a computer ended when I got my iPhone, but now Aardvark has taken that sort of help and said “Hey, you can ask hundreds of people’s brothers-in-law at the same time!”

I’ve been a fan of Aardvark for some time now, so of course I downloaded the app right away. It’s great that the iPhone has Push Notifications now because otherwise the app would be fairly useless, but as it is, it works pretty much as well as the IM interface that I normally use.


Aardvark is Aawesome


I wrote about Aardvark when I first read about it on Read/WriteWeb. I recently received an invitation to join, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I still am questioning the use of, and I’m not even really sure why it’s called Aardvark instead of something they could have gotten the full URL for. But, that matters very little in the face of having questions answered in minutes (if not seconds).

Example: I just got an iPhone (I know, I couldn’t bring myself to take a risk with an Android phone even though it sounded really nice), and I accidentally hit the mute button which I didn’t realize existed. I pinged Aardvark real quick and asked what the problem could be and got two replies very quickly that informed me of the mute button and therefore solved my problem. No more bothering my brother-in-law for tech support on my new toy.

If you’d like an invite to Aardvark, I’ve got 10. You’ll have to leave your email address (so Facebook Connect probably won’t work), and at least 3 things that you want to get questions about.