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AOL Lifestream Might Be Totally Awesome

…but I may never know.

Part 1: Shock and Awe

I made a decision to try to just focus on positive things with this blog, but given my previous obsession with Lifestreaming, I can’t help but comment on this.

I read about AOL’s Lifestream earlier today on TechCrunch who, rightfully, said that it might be what Google Buzz should have been. From what Michael Arrington says, it may be all that and more.

The problem is, when I tried to sign in using Facebook Connect (which I would normally say is a great use of social network integration by AOL), I get this:

Whawhawhat? Really? No, really?

I’ve never seen that permission asked for before, and I hope I never see it again. While Facebook may be the Walled Garden with Reinforced Steel and Concrete Walls, I kind of like it that way. I can post stuff that I know only people I’ve friended will see.
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Life Is Beautiful

lifeisbeautiful(Sometimes coming up with a post title is the hardest part)

Lifestream Blog has an article on a new – ahem – lifestreaming application called Amplifeeder. I’d prefer just Amplifeed without the last syllable, but who am I to nitpick?

Something that is not a nitpick, though, is that Amplifeeder (basically a good-looking, self-hosted lifestreamm app) it requires Microsoft technology. For someone who runs his blogs on a cheap-as-heck LAMP shared server, that’s very disappointing. Amplifeeder is Open Source though, so if I had any free time, and felt like doing even more coding in said free time, I’d take a stab at porting it to PHP. But I don’t really have that kind of free time, and when I do have that kind of free time, I like doing stuff that is more outside of the scope of the job that I spend 8-10 hours a day doing. Like, y’know, studying Java for Certification, or holding my own Browser Battle Royale, or watching Dollhouse, which – like Terminator – started to get ever-so-slightly better at the end of the first season (hopefully the second season will be as good as that of Terminator).

Mcrblggng Vds

Mzng hw y cn ndrstnd ths wth n vwls rght?

Anyway, haven’t posted in 10 days, so what better way to rectify that than by posting videos?

Lifestream Blog has found a new Lifestreaming service aptly titled From the Twitter stream of the founder, it looks like they added 3 new services in the one day since the post on Lifestream Blog. It looks like just one guy developing it, but if that’s true, it’s a very impressive service.

So far, I believe it’s the only Lifestreaming service to support Xbox Live. I’ve got HeadlessNels’ Halo 3 games in one of my Lifestreams (Jaiku, I think) via plain RSS feed, but with, now I can have that + my most recently played game that’s not Halo 3.