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Life Is Beautiful

lifeisbeautiful(Sometimes coming up with a post title is the hardest part)

Lifestream Blog has an article on a new – ahem – lifestreaming application called Amplifeeder. I’d prefer just Amplifeed without the last syllable, but who am I to nitpick?

Something that is not a nitpick, though, is that Amplifeeder (basically a good-looking, self-hosted lifestreamm app) it requires Microsoft technology. For someone who runs his blogs on a cheap-as-heck LAMP shared server, that’s very disappointing. Amplifeeder is Open Source though, so if I had any free time, and felt like doing even more coding in said free time, I’d take a stab at porting it to PHP. But I don’t really have that kind of free time, and when I do have that kind of free time, I like doing stuff that is more outside of the scope of the job that I spend 8-10 hours a day doing. Like, y’know, studying Java for Certification, or holding my own Browser Battle Royale, or watching Dollhouse, which – like Terminator – started to get ever-so-slightly better at the end of the first season (hopefully the second season will be as good as that of Terminator).