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OMG. CSB just resized my browser and then made me install RealPlayer.

The post title was going to be my Twitter. But Twitter is down. And then this turned into a full blog post. Or at least, a sort of external storyline.

Anyway, I joined the how i met your mother official AWESOME gang group on Facebook. I saw there was a link to a “Robin Sparkles” video. Can’t say no to that. So, I ended up at a CBS video page. There my browser was resized. And I was told that I needed to install a missing plugin. No big deal there… lots of sites resize my browser for no reason, and maybe it was plugin I could actually use. I should have stopped as soon as it said RealPlayer. Should have searched YouTube. Because of course it’s there (see below).

But I didn’t. So, now I have RealPlayer installed on my two day old T60p. I will be uninstalling it shortly and subsequently running AdAware and SpyBot, but I know that the claws of RealPlayer have already dug themselves inextricably into the skin of my computer. First, I guess I’ll watch all the other HIMYM videos on “InnerTube” to try to make it worth the agony of RealPlayer.

In conclusion: ATTN: CBS Web Guys: It’s called Flash. Please learn to use it or hire someone who can. Or if you want to get ahead of the game, use Silverlight. It’ll probably end up being nearly as evil as RealPlayer, but at least it doesn’t still feel all 1997 about it.

For those wondering about Robin Sparkles, here’s the first hit from Google.

It took me how long to realize Day Break was online?

For as much as I ranted about Day Break being cancelled, you would think it wouldn’t have taken me 6 months to findout that the remaining episodes of season 1 are online.

I actually found this out by searching for it on NetFlix, reading someone’s review who said they watched the rest of the season online, and then searching Google for “watch day break online”. If you’re looking for the link, go to ABC’s Full Episode Player. I had to install a new plug-in/add-on for Firefox, but it will definitely be worth it when I get to watch the rest of Day Break.

Congrats to ABC on doing the right thing. It’s interesting to see their canceled shows now On the Line, so to speak, as “Online Exclusives.” There’s even one called “Voicemail” that is an “Online Original.” That actually makes me more interested in watching it.

Day Break Cancelled

Okay, it’s totally random since this is usually a tech-focused blog, but it’s my blog, so I’ll post whatever I want (and there’ll be some tech stuff in here a little).

Day Break has been canceled by ABC. Yes, that was enough to drive me to my blog to post about it. I’m pissed. Well, not really angry as much as disappointed. I figured the show wouldn’t get that many viewers, so I did my best to visit the site at least once a week, and I played the game they had, and I watched episodes online (sometimes even when I’d watched them on TV). I figured someone at ABC would be looking at the web numbers.

Now there’s speculation that ABC might put the remaining episodes online, but today is Thursday, and there is not a new episode there (which would have aired last night).

I understand that it’s probably a more difficult show to get into, but people watch 24 like crazy, right? I mean Day Break has what looks like close to 4.5 stars on Yahoo TV (as of the time of this writing) and none of the episodes have lower than an 86% rating. My wife almost punched me when I told her I like Day Break more than America’s Next Top Model. I said it was my favorite show on TV right now.

And in case anyone out there with any kind of influence or decision making power reads this, I am in the ever-so-special 18-49 demographic, and am usually at the high end of “household income” on surveys. Also, I don’t watch anything else that’s on ABC except for some episodes of the Bachelor if Heroes isn’t on, and sometimes Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (but not much recently). I tried to get into The Nine, but I was hoping it would actually be something more exciting like Day Break. So pretty much, I won’t be watching ABC at all, and it might become an actual boycott if the remaining episodes aren’t made available online.

(Here’s comes a somewhat techie part)

While I’d prefer that the last 7 episodes be made available for free on, I am definitely willing to pay for the remaining episodes via iTunes (or some other means). Doing so, however, would cement my boycott of ABC. I understand that downloading video and/or watching video on the web is going to become the de facto standard soon enough (once Wyoming actually gets broadband internet), and I’m an early-enough adopter that I am happy watching shows on my computer. Everyone in charge needs to keep in mind, though, that watching TV (or even movies) on a computer makes it much harder to share said show (or movie) with anyone else. For example, I know that my wife is not going to want to watch Day Break with me if it’s max 640×480 (or whatever ABC’s “big” size screen is online). Even shows (and movies) on DVD look bad when you try to watch them full screen on your laptop.

I do have a desktop computer with a TV tuner and recording software hooked up to my TV in the basement, but it doesn’t have a wireless network card (which was fine when it was right next to the modem) so I can’t download anything to that to watch on my TV. I’m sure there’s many others like me who are tech savvy, but don’t quite have the funds to upgrade every computer in the house so they can display to every TV in the house. I do have an Xbox 360 with wireless adapter, though, so if Day Break was on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I could buy it there and watch it from the 360.

Anyone else have feelings on bridging the cap between computers and downloading and the TV? Or more importantly, does anyone else have feelings on the demise of Day Break???

Code Monkey Like You

An amazing Viral Video (via, made possible YouTube, a Google company.

Update: Evidently, won’t let me put YouTube videos in my posts. So you’ll have to click over to crazybob to see it.

Another thought… I wonder if Blogger will have tighter integration with YouTube now that they’re both owned by the same company. Of course, from what I hear, Blogger isn’t worth using right now anyway.