It took me how long to realize Day Break was online?

For as much as I ranted about Day Break being cancelled, you would think it wouldn’t have taken me 6 months to findout that the remaining episodes of season 1 are online.

I actually found this out by searching for it on NetFlix, reading someone’s review who said they watched the rest of the season online, and then searching Google for “watch day break online”. If you’re looking for the link, go to ABC’s Full Episode Player. I had to install a new plug-in/add-on for Firefox, but it will definitely be worth it when I get to watch the rest of Day Break.

Congrats to ABC on doing the right thing. It’s interesting to see their canceled shows now On the Line, so to speak, as “Online Exclusives.” There’s even one called “Voicemail” that is an “Online Original.” That actually makes me more interested in watching it.


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