OMG. CSB just resized my browser and then made me install RealPlayer.

The post title was going to be my Twitter. But Twitter is down. And then this turned into a full blog post. Or at least, a sort of external storyline.

Anyway, I joined the how i met your mother official AWESOME gang group on Facebook. I saw there was a link to a “Robin Sparkles” video. Can’t say no to that. So, I ended up at a CBS video page. There my browser was resized. And I was told that I needed to install a missing plugin. No big deal there… lots of sites resize my browser for no reason, and maybe it was plugin I could actually use. I should have stopped as soon as it said RealPlayer. Should have searched YouTube. Because of course it’s there (see below).

But I didn’t. So, now I have RealPlayer installed on my two day old T60p. I will be uninstalling it shortly and subsequently running AdAware and SpyBot, but I know that the claws of RealPlayer have already dug themselves inextricably into the skin of my computer. First, I guess I’ll watch all the other HIMYM videos on “InnerTube” to try to make it worth the agony of RealPlayer.

In conclusion: ATTN: CBS Web Guys: It’s called Flash. Please learn to use it or hire someone who can. Or if you want to get ahead of the game, use Silverlight. It’ll probably end up being nearly as evil as RealPlayer, but at least it doesn’t still feel all 1997 about it.

For those wondering about Robin Sparkles, here’s the first hit from Google.


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