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Developing the Open in Facebook’s Open Graph

As Chris Messina points out in this post, the new Facebook global Like button and the Open Graph Protocol benefit Facebook more than anyone. But if you get to Page 3 of ReadWriteWeb’s Definitive Guide for Publishers, Users, and Competitors, Alex Iskold talks about the Semantic Web becoming a reality. I believe that this enhancement of the metadata made available by web site developers hoping to take advantage of the “Facebook Juice” is where developers can start to really open up the Open Graph Protocol and use it for a business/financial advantage.

I’m looking, here, at the kinds of things people have built on top of Twitter, and I have to think that as more sites embed metadata in their pages, there will be a great opportunity for new services to use that data. I haven’t come up with anything yet, but it’s only been, what, a week? The slow, wooden wheels of my mind are creaking as they attempt to churn out ideas.