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Hot Christian Singles?

Here’s a recent Facebook ad:

Okay, in truth, that was just an ad on an application in Facebook, which probably means they just show that to everyone who has the app installed. (Just for reference, it’s the Basketball Fan Application)

But here is something I just can’t understand: (No, not how I could just kill a man – raise your hand if you thought it, though)

And here’s the point of the post: Facebook has a ton of information about me, and I see this ad? Perhaps WooMe is actually what they say in the text: a new voice and video social network. (But with a name like WooMe, I kind of screams “Singles!”) Maybe WooMe just paid enough to override the whole “married” part of my profile, or perhaps they just didn’t think to check the “don’t target married people” box when placing the ad. I don’t know how many blog posts I’ve seen saying how personalized ads on Facebook are going to be the next big thing, but something tells me that isn’t it.


Installing Silverlight on Firefox

I was thinking about Live Blogging this or something, but it’s not like anyone is going to read it in real time. So, I’ll just write my experience here.

By the way, I am really only installing Silverlight because wants me to. I can’t watch their Windows Media videos in Firefox, so I’m hoping that if I install Silverlight and am able to watch those videos, the NBA web admins will see their numbers go up and start putting everything in Silverlight. Then I’ll be able to watch it all in Firefox and not have to go to IE anymore. That’ll be the day.

So far, I’ve downloaded the executable and that’s it… Note: I’ve got 8 tabs open right now, so if this requires a browser restart, it could be a problem. Moreso if it’s an auto-browser-restart (which I can see Microsoft wanting to do).

Letting it through the firewall…

And I will have to restart my browser for these setting to take effect… but I get to do it when I want. So, I’ll use my secret “crash Firefox” session saving technique (in which I end the Firefox process from the Task Manager, thereby saving my tabs).

Back in a sec…

Okay! says it’s successfully installed, and it looks like the video is there. Playback time!

Overall, not too bad. A little bit of skipping along the way, but that happens… Rewind was not so kind. Clicking on the playback bar results in the video stalling while the audio rewound and then played. If I used the scrub bar, then it worked okay after about a second. I’ll take that over Windows “Buffering” Media Player, any day, though.

Friday Five

1. Since when does PayPal require that you surrender money to them in order to use their service? I’d thought that honor was reserved only for Premium Members. Evidently it doesn’t cost anything (and can actually be cost effective) to become a premium member. I just found this out when trying accept a $25 payment for Give Me The Rock.

2. I haven’t even opened Google Reader today. I don’t check it as much on the weekends, but today is only Friday! I hope I’m not missing out on some content I could use for the Friday Five.

3. NBA Playoffs start tomorrow. In case anyone besides me cares about that. I’m psyched. I’m going to be working outside most of the day, but I’m pretty sure I can at least break away for 2 hours to watch the PHX-SAS game on ABC at 2pm CST.

4. Friday should be Official Smoque Day. Well, every day should be Official Smoque Day, I suppose.

5. Blogger’s Autosave keeps failing, and it’s worrying me a little, so I’m going to go ahead and just publish this now. That and I need to hit that publish button so I can get back to writing stories about people who aren’t real. (ed note: Moved back to WordPress. Don’t need to worry about this anymore!)