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Dollhouse: Unlucky 13


So, I’m catching up on Dollhouse tonight (thankfully/mercifully, someone had the bright idea to extend the expiration dates so I could actually keep up), and I notice this:

Availability Notes: The 13th Episode of Dollhouse will not be available for online streaming.

Back To The Stone Age

I can almost guarantee you that the person who decided not to have the season finale available on Hulu is not the same person who decided to extend the deadlines… because one was a good decision and the other, a terrible one.

Guess what FOX (or Hulu, but I’m guessing it was FOX that made the decision)? My wife and I are chaperoning her school’s prom on Friday night. So, I won’t be able to watch your Dollhouse season finale… which means I have about 3 options…

  1. Never get to see it – this is the extreme option, and is clearly superseded by the next two
  2. I can download it illegally
  3. I can wait until the DVDs are on Netflix and get the last one in order to watch a single freaking episode

I wonder if any of those 3 options is going to make FOX more money than they’d get by putting it on Hulu…

A fourth option would just be to follow Eliza Dushku’s Twitter. It doesn’t really actually accomplish viewing of the episode, but it supports an actress that I like…