On Stranger Tides

I thought of calling this “Hey, I’m famous!” but that seemed way too arrogant.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but see this is some sort of milestone as a writer: I’ve been pirated!


And downloaded 6 times already at that!


Yes, I’m happy about it. If I were a full time writer, maybe I’d be more upset, but if I were a full time writer, then I’d actually be making money off my books, so I probably wouldn’t even worry about it. My opinion is if someone is going to illegally download your book, then they weren’t going to buy it anyway. And if they actually decide to read it and end up liking it, perhaps they’ll tell someone who will pay for it. (Or they’ll give it to someone who will read the first book for free, and then decide to purchase the next book… So I guess I should get on that instead of blogging about how famous I am.)



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