Covert Art (US vs UK)

I know there’s a difference… I just don’t understand it. Perhaps someone will stumble across this and explain to me why UK readers want such vastly different covers from their US counterparts… Are we really that different? I’ve only been to Great Britain twice for very short periods, so I will admit to not knowing anything beyond the surface level there, but I would be very interested in understanding what it is that drives the stark difference in the way the book covers are presented between the markets.

As an example, here are the covers for The Causal Angel which releases in July. I’ve seen a similar thing (surprisingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, similar in terms of colors and composition) with The Darwin Elevator released last year. I’m sure there are more… But why?




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  1. I am from Britain and honestly cannot provide any form of explanation on why this occurs. Maybe market research has provided stats that people from Britain judge a book by its cover to a greater extent? Interesting question though…

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