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These are the reasons to update Flash?

  • The top 10 Facebook games use the Flash Player.
  • Most of the top video sites on the web use Flash Player
  • Flash Player is installed on over 1.3 billion connected PCs

That first one is most definitely a reason why I would not want Flash on my computer… The second one… well, as someone who knows about “the web” I know that the top video site has started converting a lot of their videos to HMTL5 compatible in addition to showing them in Flash. (I also know this because I can’t get Flash installed correctly for Firefox on my Linux box at work so I have to open up Chrome any time I want to watch a YouTube video that hasn’t been converted yet; but sometimes they just play and I’m like “thank you HTML5”)

Finally, the last one… If I wasn’t someone who knew about “the web” I might be scared that Flash is going to connect my computer to 1.3 billion other PCs… Am I going to get hacked because of that? Is this one of those grids? Or does it have to do with the “cloud” I keep hearing about? Facetiousness aside, you would think they could have said “1.3 billion Internet connected PCs” … or “1.3 billion PCs just like yours” …

Does anyone else feel like Flash is a character in a Game Of Thrones? You may love it, or you may not, but it’s there and it’s a major character… Still you can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be the next person to get beheaded or burned alive…


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  1. I found your post after Googling the “1.3 billion pcs” statement, to see what that was based on, because I am willing to bet that’s 1.3 billion *downloads* in the entire time that Flash has lived, and not actual computers.

    I know that old operating systems used to bundle Flash with the OS (which quickly ended since it was realized that it’s extremely insecure to bundle outdated versions with an OS, hehe), so I doubt that they have 1.3 billion installs these days. But what do I know…

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