Nels’ Fast Super-Cheap Good-For-You Mocha Recipe

When October/November rolls around, (aka Meteorological Winter) I go into full Hot Chocolate/Mocha mode. I’m talking about at least one a day. Sometimes as many as three. Now, of course, if I was paying retail rates for that, I’d be broke by the time Spring came again. But, lucky for me, I’ve trained my taste buds to accept my own special mix, which is not only super cheap, but also good for you, and fast to make.

You’ll need:
14-16 ounces of hot water
1 packet of Wild Harvest Organic Rich Hot Cocoa Mix
2 Nescafe® Premium Coffee Sticks, Decaf (I go with the decaf because I try to limit my caffeine intake – I used to use the regular version and it worked just fine)

Mix first three ingredients.


110 calories.



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