Violence in Rio

Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead

So, on the one hand I’m pissed that Chicago got a bad rap right before the IOC voting because the city was dangerous, but on the other hand I’m glad that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics because media events that usually make only local headlines would be blown up on an international level. Then I go back to being mad because I know if I were an athlete, I wouldn’t be too excited about going to Rio. The helicopter in the above article was shot down approximately 5 miles from where at least some of the Olympics will take place.

Quote from the article:

Violence also broke out Saturday in another slum, where television footage showed at least three buses set afire and motorists fleeing for cover from bursts of gunfire by presumed drug traffickers. Police gave no immediate details of those events, though gangs sometimes set buses aflame to protest police operations.

Despite increased policing efforts, Rio remains one of the world’s most dangerous cities. The violence generally is contained within slum areas, though it sometimes spills into posh beach neighborhoods and periodically shuts down the highway that links the international airport to tourist destinations.


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