[GTD] What is your silliest Lifehack?

There are two things that will probably make me seem borderline obsessive-compulsive, but really, I just count them as a couple of those things that, once they become habit, save you from having to actually think about them.

1. I always put my wife’s food on the right (because I’m left handed, so I get the one on the left, see? 🙂 ). E.g., when I’m preparing breakfasts or lunches (or more rarely dinners, I put her stuff on the right. Since we usually eat the same things, but in different quantities, this is actually pretty useful. I know that the bowl on the left should have more cereal in it, and that the spaghetti on the right should get the extra sauce (she loves the sauce).

2. I always put my iPhone in my pocket with the Home button up. This way, when I reach in, I know I can press the Home button while pulling the phone out of my pocket and be ready to enter my pin number as soon as I have it out. It also makes it a lot easier to answer when someone calls because I know where the slider will be to pick up. I’m sure this saves me precious seconds every day.

Anyone else have silly or mundane “hacks” to share?


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