Are you an expert in Blue Chips?

I’ve gotten a couple of these now… first was this generic, obviously spam one:

Dear Professional:

I would like to tell you about It is a worldwide job site for high-end professionals and consultants, such as yourself. The basic idea is that networking can do a better job than traditional
job search methods if the right platform and financial incentives are in place. With Blue Chip Expert, you can opportunistically get exposure to quality jobs, help a friend find a good position, help a hiring manager
find a great candidate, and earn referral fees in the process for your favorite Non-Profit or yourself.

Then I got this one from a fellow blogger, and it makes more sense now (see the emphasis I’ve added.

I just joined Blue Chip Expert and wanted to invite you to join as well.

Blue Chip Expert is an invitation-only career site focused on professionals with excellent qualifications. It’s confidential, completely free to join and use, and only takes a few minutes to join.

Also, every time a person you invite is hired you earn a referral fee which you can either keep or direct to your favorite non-profit. Referral fees can really add up as they are paid on three levels of referral for ten years.

Now, I’m not about to join something so obviously spammy, but it might be worth looking into if you’re trying to find a job. It just seems like a shady way to get people to sign up for your service. I much prefer the LinkedIn approach where you network with people you actually know (even though you could just import everyone from your address book if you wanted), and you can see recommendations from real people for other real people.


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