Chrome is out!

How long until all the ‘pundits’ (and by pundits I mean, Don Reisinger at TechCrunch, who recently brought me this thought-provoking post that I really liked about Hulu) realize that each tab is running as its own process? It sure seems like it’s running on only 45 MB of memory… until you look a little further down in the Task Manager. Oops, looks like the same set of tabs running in Chrome is actually using twice as much memory! D’oh! I believe that’s what Charles Nutter was getting at in point #2 and #6.

On the plus side, yeah, the UI is good, and the loading seems at least at fast as Firefox 3 and Safari 3 (I haven’t tried Safari 4 yet, which is evidently supposed to be super fast; FF3 is fast enough for me at this point).


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