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You’d think that WordPress blogs (at least ones hosted at would be one of the built-in services on FriendFeed, but not only is that not the case, but it’s pretty obvious that their feed parser is looking for the second link in the post and not using the actual post title to say what it is I posted. The link to the post is correct, just not the title of the post.

E.g., the last two posts here have shown up as “endub” and “see_through_bikinis.jpg” on FriendFeed. And while, yes, I did technically post “see_through_bikinis.jpg”, that wasn’t really the point of the post.

So, as a test, the 2nd link in this post is the one that goes to FriendFeed. Let’s see if I posted “FriendFeed” on Nels Wadycki…


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  1. Okay… I take it back… the posts showed up in Jaiku (another feed aggregator/lifestreamer) with the same titles as they did in FriendFeed. So now… I’m thinking it’s either a problem with Feedburner (for some reason, Jaiku is linking to Feedburner redirects), or with the feed (I think this is more likely, since the links on FriendFeed do not go through Feedburner).

  2. Okay… definitely a problem with the feed. I have another friend using Jaiku and the posts from her blog are having the same issue as mine.

    The posts are showing up correctly in Bloglines, but for my feed, at least, that’s going through Feedburner.

    This is all very strange…

  3. Okay… I checked the XML of the WordPress feed, and also took a look at the Feedburner feed, and they both look good to me.

    What appears to be happening is that FriendFeed and Jaiku (and the Facebook Notes import – I tried that too) are reading the <media:title> tag instead of just the <title> tag. I know this because when I don’t have a picture in a post (like this one) the title shows up as “endub”, which is just showing the author’s name (mine), but for some reason is listed as a <media:title>. When there are images in a post, the last image name to appear is the one that shows up as the post title. Very annoying.

  4. I changed the title and slug for this post so that it doesn’t look so much like I’m bashing FriendFeed, since it’s apparently not just them who’s having issued with my WordPress feed.

  5. On a related note: My WordPress blog stats page tells me that I’m getting quite a few hits for See Through Bikini… so apparently Google knows what’s popular, even if they don’t always market it to the right people.

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