Halo 3 is in the building

I had a coupon to get Bioshock on Amazon, and made good use of that. Then I got NBA 2K8 as part of a marketing ploy (thanks Give Me The Rock!). I also bought Bomberman LIVE from the Xbox Live Arcade because Bomberman is awesome. I don’t think I’ll need another “party game” game ever. Finally, I got Halo 3 as an early birthday present (and some sort of half-year anniversary at Apple present for my bro-in-law). In total, I’m a bit overloaded with the video games.

My present was awesome enough to show up in the form of the Limited-Edition of Halo 3, but that means the discs did come a little bit roughed up. So, now I’m obligated to get through the game before the end of the year to make sure that I can get a free replacement if it turns out to be an issue. The scratches don’t look too bad, though, and I was able to play for a while last night without an trouble, and evidently the campaign is only 7-10 hours long, so I should actually be able to finish it with just a little focused game time.


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