Is SocialStream coming November 5?

If SocialStream is what Google plans to release on Nov. 5, then it will be the best birthday present that Google has ever given me. It will also be the only birthday present that Google has ever given me, and they won’t really just be giving it to just me…

I’m not too hyped up though, because it’s really just going to be some sort of API that everyone will have to sort of adopt before Google decides to make SocialStream a reality. Or else they’re going to wait until a bunch of people build “open” social networks using the APIs and then buy whoever makes the best one.

Two things I’ve been investigating (probably too) heavily in the past few weeks are (1) ways to aggregate all the social stuff I have, and (2) create a personal/private blog that I can limit access to, but still actually make accessible without requiring a lot of effort on the part of the people with whom I want to share the blog.

Facebook does a decent job with both of these, but my Facebook Notes are stuck in Facebook once they’re posted there. I created a private blog here on to see if WordPress’ Facebook application would import those posts, but I’m afraid it’s not happening (unless it’s just taking a long time to update). SocialStream would take care of the aggregation as well the ability to post with different levels of privacy, so it would actually solve real world problems for me. (If you can really call them problems, of course)

Plaxo’s Pulse also does a pretty good job with the aggregation, but it’s just another network that I’d have to get people to sign up for in order to make it worth anything. And I don’t think it has the ability to pull in my private WordPress blog posts either. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll find something that actually does that.


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