Jaiku adds IM blogging

Now you can Jaiku (I believe that’s a verb) from your IM client. I tested with GChat inside Gmail and it worked perfectly. It only works with that perfectly with XMPP based clients like GChat/GTalk. But evidently you can set up IMified to communicate with it from the other IM clients (AOL, Yahoo, MSN). Not that great, but I’ve actually got IMified already for another web app.

I’m a little scared that you can “delete me” from your IM client to remove your Jaiku account. That seems a little bit too easy. Not that I type “delete me” ever, let alone within Gmail or GTalk… but still…

Here’s my previous post on Jaiku, which now seems to be every bit as good as Twitter (except that Twitter is still more popular). I do kind of sense a VHS vs. Beta thing coming though…


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