One of the better days

I mean, first off, it’s Friday, and it’s 71 degrees outside.

Next, and I have to backtrack a second here, we had a tree branch break off yesterday when it was really windy. But my wife ran into a city garbage collector on the way home and asked him about it and he offered to have a friend chop it up for us and he’d haul it away. So, today, his friend showed up right at 8, and cut the branch up and put it in the alley. Then he came by this afternoon and picked up all the branches for us. Awesome.


I got an offer for some more advertising on Give Me The Rock.

My wife got her teacher rating for the year. And it was a good rating. 🙂

I had my “compensation discussion” today, and it went as well as I could have realistically hoped.

I forgot about this giant fudge brownie that I’d bought on Wednesday and not eaten, and then I didn’t eat it yesterday, and it was just sitting there, waiting, knowing that today was going to be a good day.

And a small, but cool, bonus: I got this month’s copies of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Chicago magazine – the only two magazines that I actually look forward to getting (sorry GQ).

Now I’m going to a Barbeque for dinner! Hooray for Friday!


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  1. Sounds like today was a good day. Certainly better than mine. The weather was crappy in Northern New England, I had to bust my ass all day to get work done, as far as I know I didn’t get a raise, and not only did I not have a brownie, my wife subjected me to a salad for lunch.

    Not trying to bring down your day here. In fact, I’m sorry for mentioning anything. I’m going to let Arsenio cheer me up tonight.

  2. Its like 70 out here all the time. Ah good weather 🙂
    Though good days are always nice.

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