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Why is it that with Twitter, I feel like I can post just about every though that comes to mind (at least while I’m sitting in front of my computer and don’t feel like I’m going to annoy my Twitter friends), but when it comes to “actual”, “real” blogging, I feel like there has to be something to say, or something to talk about, or some point to make?

I mean, there are certain things I can say on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t here, since my Twitter feed is only viewable by my Twitter friends, and I can control who my friends are, so I know who is going to see what I write.

But something like “How is it 3:23 already?” could just as well be available to whole world (and still no one would care). Of course, I don’t want to start something along the lines of having to crosspost to Twitter, Facebook (cause those two aren’t quite integrated enough yet), and my blog. That would be the ultimate waste of time, and futile effort in futility. On the other hand, something I could do would be to add a category like “Twit” or “Snips” or “.plan” to this blog, and let people who want those shorty posts subscribe to that tag/category. I’m fairly sure the related statistics would blow your mind. In a “why is he still talking about this?” sort of way.

The problem then becomes that, on the surface, this blog seems to be more of a one way street of communication, where as Twitter feels much more like a two-way, albeit asynchronous, communication. Of course, I’m already to subscribed to a couple separate feeds of info that come from my Twitter friends, in addition to their Twitter feeds, so really, perhaps it only seems like more of a two-way communication because of the framework that Twitter has put in place.

Following that, though, is the ability to post from Twitter via cell phone (though I haven’t actually done that yet), and also via IM. The same applies to the ability to receive Twitter chatter via cell phone (again, haven’t done that) and via IM (which I do, and enjoy, but by which I am sometimes annoyed). Furthermore is the integration (weak though it is) of Twitter with Facebook (with which I am currently totally obsessed). I do see, though, that someone is working on a wordpress app for Facebook that would make posts show up in the Mini-Feed. If that worked, then posting “twits” to my blog would essentially eliminate the need to post them to either Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps I can get in touch with the developer of that plug-in and help him along with it. 🙂

And while this post may have appeared to decide nothing, it does serve as the birthplace of the .plan category.


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