Weird Habits Besides Biting My Nails

It’s odd… because it’s usually pretty quiet in my/our home office. In fact, the new clock we picked up from Office Depot has a much louder second hand than the previous one. You think that would get to me enough to put on the headphones immediately. I mean, right now, it’s nearly all I can think about.

But… when I work at home, I don’t get that urge to turn on the music until about 2pm. And when I do, I usually just listen through the computer’s speakers even though the sound quality is extremely low.

But… when I work downtown, I get the urge almost as soon as I sit down to put the headphones on and open up iTunes. Even when it’s totally quiet and nobody is on a phone call or talking to someone else about their project. I want to put them on even when it’s as quiet as a Buddhist temple. I resist because I do actually like the quiet. When I make myself aware of it, it’s quite peaceful and relaxing (and it works out because, for some reason, I feel like I should save my music time for when there is actual external noise to drown out).

That and I bite my nails a lot.


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