Well, that does it

or: There’s a reason that Bruce Eckel is a good writer and speaker and stuff

In case you somehow missed it, the biggest thing going around These Intertubes today is Bruce Eckel’s post on Flex and Flash as The development platform for RIAs (Rich Internet Applications).

Constant Readers will know that I’ve been struggling with the question of Java vs. Flash pretty much since I started this blog. (Those same readers will also note that my style has changed from funny w/ pop-culture references to dull and straightforward).

While my mind (and Apollo) have been steering me in the direction of Flex/Flash, Eckel’s post/essay has solidified in my mind the right way to go (at least for now). I know that I’m going to be doing a lot more Java stuff at work, but my time will be devoted to the learning of Flex and everything that is required to implement it in the most optimal/excellent manner.

Final Note: I’ve added a Flash category to this blog now… Couldn’t help but wonder what kind of posts show up in the Technorati category for flash…


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  1. Well now that you’ve got a Flash tag, consider me subscribed! 😉 I’m looking forward to reading about the struggle.

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