As though Bill Gates retiring is unfathomable

Bill Gates on Information Week

OMG! After 30 years as the face of Microsoft, why on Earth would Bill Gates want to retire?

What the H E double hockey sticks? Don’t most people want to retire after working for 30 years? Isn’t that the reason people put money into retirement accounts? There’s a lot of personal finance bloggers out there “socking away” (that’s a PF term) as much money as possible in the hopes of retiring early. Considering Gates could have retired 10 years ago and been fine, why is it such a surprise and/or shock that he’d want to retire now?

This cover borders on being the People or OK! magazine for computer geeks. I hope there’s some real news in the magazine, but the pharmaceutical RFID and outsourcing articles aren’t really luring me in.


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  1. You’re right. This is a silly story. I also feel bad for the guy who was submitting all those stories headlined “Bill Gates Still Worth Billions, Goes to Work Anyway, WTF Is Up With That??”

  2. I am wishing him a happy retired life

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