+ Pandora = PandoraFM

I just discovered Pandora and last week (separately), and then found out (thank you Bloglines) that you can link the two via PandoraFM. Unfortunately, my iTunes library doesn’t really represent my currently listening habits since I’ve been listening to my Yahoo Music radio station for a while. I added a bunch of old and new stuff to my iTunes this weekend, though…

I’m posting this mostly just so I can track when I started using and use if for comparison of time frames. If you want to check in on my still somewhat skewed listening habits, you can do that here.

Just when I thought they had me roped in, I’m falling further away from Yahoo…


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  1. Pandora rocks. Absolutely rocks. I’ve found a ton of new stuff from it. And it evilly hooks into the iTunes music store so you can shop.

  2. Perhaps nearly as evilly, I have an account at a site where I can download things for about 1/10 the price of iTunes. Yeah, it’s totally legal and everything. Isn’t touring is where the money is at anyway?

  3. pandoraRocks

    has anyone tried Pandoras Jar

    the application claims that you can download music mp3’s and that it has better integration with

    I couldn’t get it to work on my computer – mac os x


  4. I haven’t tried that, but I’ve downloaded the ZIP file now. It doesn’t seem like it’s legal to download the MP3’s, though… so I’m a little worried about running it and getting busted or something.

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