Return of the Prodigal Sun – Pt. II

Coyote Ugly

Baby when the lights go out
Every single word can not express, the love and tenderness
I’ll show you what it’s all about

When the Lights Go Out, FIVE 

So, Yahoo’s probably not going to be too happy about posting me as the first word in their link shout-out the other day. Why? Because, like the prodigal son (or Web 2.0 early adopting tech ship jumper) that I am, I’ve returned to Gmail. It’s not that Yahoo Mail isn’t good. It’s just a little Coyote Ugly (in the sense that I got drunk and went to bed with something that I thought was better looking that it really was). It’s certainly better than what they had before. I think people who have only had the experience of using Yahoo are going to be more happy with it than I was.

My reasons, as concisely as I can put them, are as follows:

  • Loading time. I said it was almost as fast as Gmail, but that is just long enough to make it, well, not as fast as Gmail.
  • No tags. I thought I wouldn’t miss “labels” (or would be able to go back to folders). I was wrong. The ability to add multiple labels to a single conversation has utility far beyond that of folders. And the ability to classify emails without actually moving them anywhere just compounds the usefulness.
  • Speaking of conversations… I have really only run into about 2 times in 2 years where having Gmail group my conversation threads together has caused a problem. Maybe people who use Gmail for their business might have more problems, but really, having emails from my wife grouped together because they have the subject of “hey” or “so…” isn’t all that bad when you consider the benefit of having all the Struts, JSF, Lazlo, etc… email lists grouped by topic. I know Thunderbird does this as well, and if I wanted a desktop-based email program, I’d probably choose Thunderbird. Grouping like that was practically visionary on the part of Google. I’m a little surprised that Yahoo doesn’t even offer the option in the new Beta.

There are several other things, like free POP access, free forwarding, the ability to send as though from a different email address, and – yes – relevant ads that don’t annoy the crap out of me. These are all small things that really only continue to tilt the thumb in favor of Gmail.

Maybe this post will help convince Manmohan Juyal that I am not the Yahoo Mail team.


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