The moment of Yahoo Mail Beta has arrived!

I was accepted into the Yahoo Mail Beta last night! I almost yelled out Yahoo! Except that it was late. And I was tired. I left the window open all night (even though it was cold outside), just so I could make sure it wasn't some sort of cruel dream. Sometimes known as a nightmare.

Behold! In the morning it was still there. And I love it. I think it increases the amount of memory that Firefox uses, but it is worth every byte.

I remember reading – oh so long ago – about how it seemed to take a really long time to load. Well, my friends, and people I've never met, it doesn't. I don't know if they cranked it up since the first people were accepted in, but I did some tests and it seemed to only take a little longer than Gmail does to load up all that Javascripty goodness. Sometimes it ran even faster than Gmail. I'm not going to post any numbers since it wasn't like I was doing scientific testing.

But, it is pretty. And it goes fast. And it comes with a keyboard shortcut for "Delete" (Google, are you paying attention?) I'm not sure about the RSS in my mailbox thing – at least not with the way they have it right now (sans folders/tags, differentiation of new vs. read, and a lack of "keep this one"-ability. And that's fine, since I have 2 good feedreaders as it is.

As an added bonus, it doesn't trap my keyboard the way the Yahoo Maps beta does.

Speaking of bonuses! It looks like WordPress has upgraded to the newest version of, well, WordPress. No more gruesome pop-up windows to handle links and HTML editing – it's all in the div's now!

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  1. i’m not sure about the rss in your mailbox thing either, but there IS a differentiator for what’s new vs. what’s read (what’s new is designated by a star/sunburst on the upper corner of the green icon), and as far as keep-this-oneability, once you open a feed and read something you want to keep, all you have to do is click-and-drag it into one of your folders and bingo, you CAN keep this one.

  2. Cool – I like the RSS thing a lot more now that I know I can save things so easily. And I do now see the little line that separates new from old posts. I even figured out how to tab over to the reading pane and use the arrow keys to navigate the posts. They did a pretty good job with that, but it doesn’t seem like a normal user is going to figure that one out.

    I’m going to need some foldering before I feel like I can use this for my main feed reader. I also need to know that all of my feeds aren’t going to show up on My Yahoo. Cause I don’t want My Yahoo to take 30 second to load. I use it as a quick reference for other information besides blogs.

  3. Manmohan Juyal

    Dear Yahoo Beta Team!

    Amazing work! Keep it up! I have MSN Live Beta Mail but yahoo mail beta is far better than Live Beta. It is faster.

    Thank you all for this great job!

    God bless you my friends!

    Best Regards,

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