Gladwell and Simmons

There are two people writing in the Simmons column. I liked reading one of them. No offense (well, actually, some offense, I guess), but I am not feeling Bill Simmons much anymore. Of course, while I am at it, I’m not feeling FreeDarko that much anymore either. There is something to be said for inserting random pictures in your blog posts… but do you really need 4 of them in every post?

I digress… I just started reading Gladwell’s blog a few weeks ago, and it’s impressive. He can certainly write. I was supposed to read the Tipping Point back in MBA school, but I never did. Too much Madden I guess. I was also supposed to read Crossing the Chasm. Neither were for a class, though, so the priority slipped.

Again with the digression. So far, I have enjoyed reading Malcolm as much as I used to enjoy reading Simmons, and so far, haven’t been burned out by him. Maybe that’s what happens when you just write whenever you feel like it, instead of having to write a column every week whether you like it or not. I mean, I’m not exactly one to talk, right?, since I’m not exactly the best nor most prolific writer ever. But there is a point where things just start getting old. I reached that point with Simmons just as I am with FreeDarko. It will be interesting to see how long I continue to read and be entertained by YaySports. It is funny and somehow still insightful in a way that has very rarely failed to amaze me. And I’m not just saying that because Brian The Cavalier is my friend on MySpace.


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