Qwerty watches the prodigal sun rise


Who I am hates who I’ve been. – Relient K

So, my Dvorak experiment is over. I made it 2.5 months with the new language, and was getting pretty fluent in it (thanks to the little stickers on my keyboard). But the other night, sitting in the Hostelling International Chicago, and pounding away at a keyboard that I barely recognized I realized why it was time to return to Qwerty.


One of my favorite things is (are) web applications. Not because of the “corporate” style benefits they provide (along the lines of “ease of deployment and management”)… No, my reasons are selfish ones. I like being able to log in to an application anywhere in the world and have all my personalized data there. My Gmail is ready and waiting (and soon my Yahoo will be too, if they ever roll out with that Beta version). My Bloglines still knows what I’ve read and what I haven’t. And my Yahoo bookmarks are there instead of being held captive by my browser. I am free (so long as I am still tied to a computer). I don’t actually have a need for that kind of portability, and I really don’t make use of it that often. But it helps me sleep better at night knowing it’s there for me when I need it.

So, I thought, as I sat there struggling to control a computer that was ringing up 10 cents a minute…. how arrogant, oxy-moronic, and traitorous I was to work so hard for that portability, and just throw it all away.

I’m sorry Mr. Dvorak (and to all those who struggle to bring his method to the mainstream)… I cannot sacrifice something for which I so yearn. I cannot turn my back on portability. The best don’t always win.





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