Rojo vs. Bloglines: It’s sort of like Red vs. Blue

I use Bloglines. Straight up. I haven’t found a (web-based) RSS reader that allows me to get through as many feeds as quickly as Bloglines. The keyboard shortcuts are a revelation unto the application, just as they were when Gmail brought them to life. And now they have new icons for the folders and feeds! Wow! I guess they must have decided that the interface wasn’t glossy enough.*

But (there’s always a but, right?)…

Rojo‘s got tags. Yeah, tags are probably a little overrated since they’ve been used in every New Web app since the very invention of tags. But here …by here, I mean, in a feed reader… there is a utility that I often dream about when “s”ing and “j”ing through Bloglines. I would no longer be restrained by having to sort my feeds into folders by category and then naming those folders so they sort in order of the ones that I usually want to read first. Because that “usually” is critical. The keystone, if you will.

With tags, I no longer have folders named like “01 Basketball – 01 News”… I can have a “basketball news” tag, and, if I find that some news sources are more reliable (or perhaps more well written) than others, I can add a tag called “Pri 01” (or maybe even just “01”). So, now, when I’m strapped for time, I don’t have to sift through any blogs that aren’t really that important to get to FreeDarko or the Fantasy Basketblog.

The only problem is that Rojo does not (yet) have keyboard navigation. But, just writing about using the tags has worked me up into such a lather that I almost want to make the switch right now. I’m afraid that the sacrifice would just be too much to bear, though. And so, I will soldier on with the currently slightly better of two options.

* The drag and drop reorg would have been nice when I did mine 2 months ago. Too late now, though… so I’m having trouble giving credit for that one…


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