The Yahoo Kool-Aid

Just so we’re all on the same page here… I am drinking the Yahoo Kool-Aid. But I can quit any time I want.

Case in point: The new redesign of the home page. It’s lame. I saw a comment from someone somewhere saying that it needed to be more like Google’s page. I agree. Not so much to the extent that it needs to have no content on it (since Yahoo is trying to pretend like they’re a content/media provider), but in that it needs to load fast. I don’t just mean like 1-2 seconds fast (just now, on my T-449 line at work: My Yahoo: 2.65s, Yahoo: 1.352s, Google: 0.51s), I mean like, I fire up my browser at least 10 times a day (maybe more since Firefox has started grabbing 100+ MB of my RAM, and I have to shut it down to free up those resources for my localhost server), and I need to have it start like I was looking at about:blank. If the new Yahoo page can do that, and they pay me to use it, then I will be on the train sitting in the lounge car from here to Oregon.


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