Yahoo: I’d rather live in a nice house than “Go” on vacation

It’s called a Calendar.

There’s also a thing called a todo list.

I realize you just used up that line of equity to get the new mailbox, but I haven’t even seen that yet. Of course, I’ve heard enough about it to already be demanding upgrades to the kitchen. I don’t need granite countertops… but a dishwasher would be nice… or maybe color-coded categories for events. And the ability to choose my own event categories. And the ability to share only certain categories with only certain people. Kind of like I can do with stuff on my 360 page. Why not upgrade the stuff that is already there before making something new that extends all that old stuff? Even if it’s a fantastic extensionizer, it’s still just adding to old stuff.

I realize that you “aren’t buying Digg” but if you were going to buy someone out… I bet you could get RememberTheMilk really cheap. I mean, like throw a couple M over there and you’ve got the best Todo List app there is. Period. PS: This GTD thing is pretty hot right now. I bet people would freak the heck out if they could use your best-in-class email app to automatically create todo items in your best-in-class todo list app. There’s people writing plug-ins to do that in Outlook. That sucking sound you hear is Microsoft dollars going down the drain.


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