Grandmaster Flash


Life is a Game of Business
and in the end we sight (swear to god)
the new and old are bought and sold
and everybody thinks they’re right

So, a new religious business war has started (yes, it started before 2006). Jon Udell acknowledges it. It was mentioned in another place that inspired this post, but I forgot to save that one.

I’m on a quest for the Holy Grail. I am also aware that such a thing does not exist in the computing environment world in which I work. Should I be adding an ActionScript book to my Amazon Tech Books Wishlist now? I’ve already just added a bunch of books on Ruby and/or Rails because maybe that’s the next big thing.

At what point will ECMAScript go from AJAX and Flash RIAs to Enterprise Applications? Does the speed of enterprise adoption preclude either of these from actually becoming an enterprise standard? (ie: won’t they both have been replaced/updated/deprecated by the time The Enterprise gets around to adopting them) How many legacy apps are out there that still need conversion to Web Services (or even something besides a green screen)? At this point, AJAX still feels too “hacky” and/or lacking the qualities of a professional development stratagem. Flash seems much more solid. But it also prevents me from Ctrl+Tabbing while using Yahoo Maps 2.0. I’m not trying to hear that.

Is the best course of action to continue with Java+JSP+Struts and/or JavaServerFaces until The Scripts have worked themselves out?

I am all about raising questions and not answering them. I haven’t been around long enough to have all the answers. I’m also ready to drink any Kool-Aid that Mr. Udell is serving. Lest you forget, this is The Home of the Marginally Insightful.

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  1. Good to hear that minimalist b-boys also follow technology. Join the hip-hop nation and put on your bookshelf: Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures published by Springer…

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