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Heroes on Hulu

Thanks to the RSS feeds Hulu provides, I was notified that there were a new Heroes videos available (I’m subscribed to what I guess you could call the Heroes Channel). I like this one with the Dylan song, but there were a couple others with different artists.

This is evidently an ad for the Heroes soundtrack (there’s a brief hint of it at the end), but I also feel it’s probably a little bit of a “Don’t forget about Heroes” thing (yeah, like that’s going to happen), and it may also be a test just to see how many hits the videos get.

Two things to note:

1. When you embed the video from Hulu, they actually let you select a start and an end time, so you can embed only part of the video. That would have been nice for this video of Dirk Nowitzki where the fun doesn’t start until close to the end.

2. Google tells me that Hayden Panettierre’s natural hair color is actually blonde, but in the clip she has the darker hair from “the future” (if I recall correctly), and it makes her look like she could be a much more mature actor – like someone who could be in a Jane Austen type period piece, or something like Closer; not sure if she could pull that off with the blonde hair…


Chuck, check. Heroes, check. Journeyman, check.

I don’t really want to enjoy watching 3 hours of TV on a given not. It seems like it should be a waste of time. But, with Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman, NBC really hit my weaknesses from every angle.

Chuck: Funny, smart, spy show.
Heroes: “Real”/”normal” people with X-men type superpowers.
Journeyman: Time travel.

I like that they’re all one word. I’m sure that decision was made by the marketing department and not by the shows creators.

Maybe it’s just because they’re new and still novel, but I actually liked Chuck and Journeyman more than Heroes. Of course, there’s a lot more depth to Heroes and I probably need to watch it again since I was multitasking (aka surfing the web) more during that one than I did during the other two. Heroes also has obviously planned out a plot based on the assumption that it will stay on the air. The other two seemed more like they made a show that would be easy to digest. Not sure where they’re going to go from the premieres, but with the single-episode-with-a-little-overarching-plot format, I guess they have more room to kind of stretch things out. That, and NBC probably wanted shows that people could keep up with more easily if they miss a few episodes here and there.