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The Hulu Takeover

hulu_logo According to TechCrunch, Hulu gained 10 million viewers in Feburary, which is an impressive number, but if you look at their chart, what I think is more impressive is the 64.5 minutes per viewer which is second in the top 10 behind only Google Sites (aka YouTube) which had 134 minutes, and 3.6 times more than the next highest average minutes per viewer in the top 10.

Maybe it’s because Hulu rocks the house. I wish CBS and ABC would take note. I would give them more advertising revenue that they are otherwise losing because I’d be all over the past 4 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and the last few episodes of LOST that I haven’t been able to watch yet (and I might even watch Wipeout if I could add it to my Hulu queue).


Advertising Options on Hulu

So I went to catch up on some TVonTheInternet earlier this week and was offered the option of either watching a long ad and then the show straight through with no ads, or to watch with shorter ads interspersed as usual.

Of course I went with the long ad at the beginning. I think I saved myself 30 seconds that way, and it worked just as advertised. Pun intended. If that’s even a pun.

I missed RSS Awareness Day

According to ReadWriteWeb, yesterday was RSS Awareness Day. I totally missed it, but it’s funny because yesterday did something really weird with my Hulu RSS feed. At first, I thought it was a problem with the feed itself, but the feed itself in my Google Reader has only my most recently viewed items, whereas the Soup feed somehow fetched all the recently added items.

Heroes on Hulu

Thanks to the RSS feeds Hulu provides, I was notified that there were a new Heroes videos available (I’m subscribed to what I guess you could call the Heroes Channel). I like this one with the Dylan song, but there were a couple others with different artists.

This is evidently an ad for the Heroes soundtrack (there’s a brief hint of it at the end), but I also feel it’s probably a little bit of a “Don’t forget about Heroes” thing (yeah, like that’s going to happen), and it may also be a test just to see how many hits the videos get.

Two things to note:

1. When you embed the video from Hulu, they actually let you select a start and an end time, so you can embed only part of the video. That would have been nice for this video of Dirk Nowitzki where the fun doesn’t start until close to the end.

2. Google tells me that Hayden Panettierre’s natural hair color is actually blonde, but in the clip she has the darker hair from “the future” (if I recall correctly), and it makes her look like she could be a much more mature actor – like someone who could be in a Jane Austen type period piece, or something like Closer; not sure if she could pull that off with the blonde hair…