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Best Yet: Twitter Movie Trailer

This one not only has its own song, but the best parody of the magnitude quote with “140 words per post?” “140 characters.”

(Brought to me to you by TechCrunch, of course)

YouTube Movie Trailer


Thanks TechCrunch

Web Apps = Automatic Upgrades

While it wasn’t one of the major factors I talked about in my previous post, the following is a quick and easy example of another reason that webapps kick ass: No Upgrade Cycle

Google launched Buzz 2 days ago, and already their making changes based on user feedback. But the best part is not that they’re making changes and responding so quickly, rather it’s that the update gets automatically pushed to everyone. No download. No install. Just, roll out, and boom, it’s there.


Blogging is Easy

From a (sort of) recent Facebook status update:

While I agree for the most part with the “Tumblr > Twitter” sentiment, well, that’s kind of obvious. Twitter is definitely good for some things (mostly sharing short fleeting thoughts, but also sometimes for sharing links, and conversing with people who use Twitter as their main form of communication). I did not see “being a blog” in that list, though. And as Commenter #1 points out, you can view Twitter updates on your Tumblr dashboard while posting slightly longer commentaries on Tumblr. Of course, Commenter #1 also makes the fatal mistake of saying that he (or she) wishes they knew HTML.
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Aardvark on the iPhone – Mobile Answers

The need to call my brother-in-law when I was out and needed access to a computer ended when I got my iPhone, but now Aardvark has taken that sort of help and said “Hey, you can ask hundreds of people’s brothers-in-law at the same time!”

I’ve been a fan of Aardvark for some time now, so of course I downloaded the app right away. It’s great that the iPhone has Push Notifications now because otherwise the app would be fairly useless, but as it is, it works pretty much as well as the IM interface that I normally use.