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FriendFeed comments…

You’d think that WordPress blogs (at least ones hosted at would be one of the built-in services on FriendFeed, but not only is that not the case, but it’s pretty obvious that their feed parser is looking for the second link in the post and not using the actual post title to say what it is I posted. The link to the post is correct, just not the title of the post.

E.g., the last two posts here have shown up as “endub” and “see_through_bikinis.jpg” on FriendFeed. And while, yes, I did technically post “see_through_bikinis.jpg”, that wasn’t really the point of the post.

So, as a test, the 2nd link in this post is the one that goes to FriendFeed. Let’s see if I posted “FriendFeed” on Nels Wadycki…

Working From Home

I’ve noticed that the elation (probably too strong of a word) of coming home and not having to go in to the office for the rest of the week is almost the same exact feeling I got in MBA school when I’d come home from classes and know that I didn’t have to leave my apartment again for the rest of the day.


iRock at the iLike trivia game

Score: 1,005
Questions answered: 134
Correct: 103 (76.9%)
Average time: 2.9 seconds

Of course, they don’t have anything more than a friends leader board (and I only have one friend who’s played it), so I can’t really say if that is that good, but I’ll take it for now!

By sheer coincidence

Bob Lee at made a post yesterday listing his recent Twitterings. Funny because I’d just been wondering about the same sort of scenario.

At first I thought, what the heck is the point of using Twitter if you’re going to be posting your Twitters on your blog? Well, to attempt to answer that question, one could argue that having your Twitter feed separate from your normal blog feed means that people who like your long-form postings can subscribe to that feed and not be inundated by the constant Twitter chatter (this is a link to Bob’s Twitter page so you can see what I mean). So that’s nice for those people. But the people who want to just read everything you post now have to subscribe to two different feeds (and if they’re like me, they have to worry at least once or twice a week if the feed is updating correctly since there haven’t been any new posts lately).

But, in fact, it appears that Bob is thinking nearly the same kind of thing I’m thinking since his most recent Twitter (at the time of writing) is:

I’m starting to wonder if I should just start a high frequency blog–kind of like Dave Winer. Or maybe I should convert my existing blog.


The question, I guess, is: are more people going to be annoyed by having to read more, shorter, Twitter-style posts in between the longer posts that they’re more interested in? Or are more people going to just wish that you’d only have one feed for everything?

I will do some searching about this magical “meta” feed, of course, right after I finish this post. Just as I did some searching yesterday after that post and found that Facebook will import blog entries for you from any RSS feed and post them as “Notes.” So, now, everything I post here will be crossposted to Facebook automagically. For the meta-feed, though, I’m imagining something that will include public Flickr photos integrated as well. But then the question still remains, will people want to see somewhat random photos just appearing in my feed whenever I happen to upload them, mixed in with the .plan posts as well as the more-than-one-paragraph posts? Or is it just better to have 3 separate feeds for photos, twitters, and posts, and let people subscribe to whatever they choose?

Another potential solution – perhaps the easiest for everyone – would be to add a “post” or “longform” category to this blog, and make sure that all posts that are not twitter-like in nature are included in that category. WordPress is nice enough to create feeds for each category, so anyone who wanted to get only the posts without the twitterpations, could subscribe to that category and get what they wanted without all the other stuff. To provide for the eventuality that this idea becomes the implemented solution, I have added said “Longform” category now, and this is that category’s inaugural post.

Twitter me this

Why is it that with Twitter, I feel like I can post just about every though that comes to mind (at least while I’m sitting in front of my computer and don’t feel like I’m going to annoy my Twitter friends), but when it comes to “actual”, “real” blogging, I feel like there has to be something to say, or something to talk about, or some point to make?

I mean, there are certain things I can say on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t here, since my Twitter feed is only viewable by my Twitter friends, and I can control who my friends are, so I know who is going to see what I write.

But something like “How is it 3:23 already?” could just as well be available to whole world (and still no one would care). Of course, I don’t want to start something along the lines of having to crosspost to Twitter, Facebook (cause those two aren’t quite integrated enough yet), and my blog. That would be the ultimate waste of time, and futile effort in futility. On the other hand, something I could do would be to add a category like “Twit” or “Snips” or “.plan” to this blog, and let people who want those shorty posts subscribe to that tag/category. I’m fairly sure the related statistics would blow your mind. In a “why is he still talking about this?” sort of way.

The problem then becomes that, on the surface, this blog seems to be more of a one way street of communication, where as Twitter feels much more like a two-way, albeit asynchronous, communication. Of course, I’m already to subscribed to a couple separate feeds of info that come from my Twitter friends, in addition to their Twitter feeds, so really, perhaps it only seems like more of a two-way communication because of the framework that Twitter has put in place.

Following that, though, is the ability to post from Twitter via cell phone (though I haven’t actually done that yet), and also via IM. The same applies to the ability to receive Twitter chatter via cell phone (again, haven’t done that) and via IM (which I do, and enjoy, but by which I am sometimes annoyed). Furthermore is the integration (weak though it is) of Twitter with Facebook (with which I am currently totally obsessed). I do see, though, that someone is working on a wordpress app for Facebook that would make posts show up in the Mini-Feed. If that worked, then posting “twits” to my blog would essentially eliminate the need to post them to either Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps I can get in touch with the developer of that plug-in and help him along with it. 🙂

And while this post may have appeared to decide nothing, it does serve as the birthplace of the .plan category.