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I swung a deal with my hosting provider for and got to add some extra domains and databases to my plan… so now I have! Quick get to it before I throw Google Ads all over the place!

Code, Glorious Code

Actually did some coding today! Well, front end coding I mean. With Javascript and everything. I love the front end. It’s fun.

FriendFeed comments…

You’d think that WordPress blogs (at least ones hosted at would be one of the built-in services on FriendFeed, but not only is that not the case, but it’s pretty obvious that their feed parser is looking for the second link in the post and not using the actual post title to say what it is I posted. The link to the post is correct, just not the title of the post.

E.g., the last two posts here have shown up as “endub” and “see_through_bikinis.jpg” on FriendFeed. And while, yes, I did technically post “see_through_bikinis.jpg”, that wasn’t really the point of the post.

So, as a test, the 2nd link in this post is the one that goes to FriendFeed. Let’s see if I posted “FriendFeed” on Nels Wadycki…

Birthday 2.0

This is what my inbox looked like on the recent anniversary of my birth:


(You can click it to see the whole thing)

Related only by the fact that it’s Gmail… I found this to be an interesting advertisement:


So you conspiracy nuts who think that Google is reading all your mail… um, yeah. See Thru Bikinis.