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Halo 3 is in the building

I had a coupon to get Bioshock on Amazon, and made good use of that. Then I got NBA 2K8 as part of a marketing ploy (thanks Give Me The Rock!). I also bought Bomberman LIVE from the Xbox Live Arcade because Bomberman is awesome. I don’t think I’ll need another “party game” game ever. Finally, I got Halo 3 as an early birthday present (and some sort of half-year anniversary at Apple present for my bro-in-law). In total, I’m a bit overloaded with the video games.

My present was awesome enough to show up in the form of the Limited-Edition of Halo 3, but that means the discs did come a little bit roughed up. So, now I’m obligated to get through the game before the end of the year to make sure that I can get a free replacement if it turns out to be an issue. The scratches don’t look too bad, though, and I was able to play for a while last night without an trouble, and evidently the campaign is only 7-10 hours long, so I should actually be able to finish it with just a little focused game time.

In Rainbows

At times it has certainly seemed that Radiohead was trying to destroy their own career just to see if they’d survive. Those times generally occur just prior to the release of a new album.

In Rainbows is Radiohead’s 7th studio album.

From Wikipedia:

While the discbox, which includes the MP3 download, is priced at £40 [approximately $82 USD], the price of download by itself is left up to the buyer. Upon purchase, the buyer is prompted to type their desired price, plus a credit card transaction fee of 45 pence [about $0.91 USD] if purchased for more than £0.00. For free purchases, no credit card is necessary and no additional fee is charged.

Radiohead - It’s Up to You

This seems like a project that an MBA intern came up with while working for Radiohead this summer. When a band goes Platinum or Gold for 10 years straight, you’ll certainly be collecting a lot of data when they go to order the new album. I’d certainly rather have that data in the hands of the band than in their record companies. Although the numbers will have to be released to the public if any thumbing of noses is to occur.

And also, I wonder how much the discbox is subsidizing the free downloads that will be given away?

Best Web 2.0 Site So Far

Hide Pink Shirt Guy

Pink Shirt Guy

Chuck, check. Heroes, check. Journeyman, check.

I don’t really want to enjoy watching 3 hours of TV on a given not. It seems like it should be a waste of time. But, with Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman, NBC really hit my weaknesses from every angle.

Chuck: Funny, smart, spy show.
Heroes: “Real”/”normal” people with X-men type superpowers.
Journeyman: Time travel.

I like that they’re all one word. I’m sure that decision was made by the marketing department and not by the shows creators.

Maybe it’s just because they’re new and still novel, but I actually liked Chuck and Journeyman more than Heroes. Of course, there’s a lot more depth to Heroes and I probably need to watch it again since I was multitasking (aka surfing the web) more during that one than I did during the other two. Heroes also has obviously planned out a plot based on the assumption that it will stay on the air. The other two seemed more like they made a show that would be easy to digest. Not sure where they’re going to go from the premieres, but with the single-episode-with-a-little-overarching-plot format, I guess they have more room to kind of stretch things out. That, and NBC probably wanted shows that people could keep up with more easily if they miss a few episodes here and there.

It took me how long to realize Day Break was online?

For as much as I ranted about Day Break being cancelled, you would think it wouldn’t have taken me 6 months to findout that the remaining episodes of season 1 are online.

I actually found this out by searching for it on NetFlix, reading someone’s review who said they watched the rest of the season online, and then searching Google for “watch day break online”. If you’re looking for the link, go to ABC’s Full Episode Player. I had to install a new plug-in/add-on for Firefox, but it will definitely be worth it when I get to watch the rest of Day Break.

Congrats to ABC on doing the right thing. It’s interesting to see their canceled shows now On the Line, so to speak, as “Online Exclusives.” There’s even one called “Voicemail” that is an “Online Original.” That actually makes me more interested in watching it.