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Apple Revamping Notifications: Best News I’ve Heard All Day

Knock knock. Who’s there? An interrupting notification. An interrupting notif… TWEET!

Apparently Apple is going to buy a company to redo their notifications for them. I’m not sure why they don’t just have the devs who did the original system fix it, but then again, I don’t really care. As long as they care of the ugly interrupting boxes it’s all good.

Give me the drawer!


Follow Friday

In this inaugural (and hopefully not singular) edition of Follow Friday, Pigeons and Planes provides us with a song called Cameras by Matt and Kim.

Why should you follow (nee “Subscribe To”) Pigeons and Planes? Because the lead blogger Confusion provides just enough detail about the musical artists and doesn’t throw too much crap in with the cool indie rock and new hip hop. I’d recommend staying away from any post with Nicki Minaj or Li’l Wayne in the title, though. If it’s a band name that you’ve never heard of, though (like Matt and Kim, for example, or King Charles), you’re good to go.

Nels’ Fast Super-Cheap Good-For-You Mocha Recipe

When October/November rolls around, (aka Meteorological Winter) I go into full Hot Chocolate/Mocha mode. I’m talking about at least one a day. Sometimes as many as three. Now, of course, if I was paying retail rates for that, I’d be broke by the time Spring came again. But, lucky for me, I’ve trained my taste buds to accept my own special mix, which is not only super cheap, but also good for you, and fast to make.

You’ll need:
14-16 ounces of hot water
1 packet of Wild Harvest Organic Rich Hot Cocoa Mix
2 NescafeĀ® Premium Coffee Sticks, Decaf (I go with the decaf because I try to limit my caffeine intake – I used to use the regular version and it worked just fine)

Mix first three ingredients.


110 calories.


Friday Five

1. Since when does PayPal require that you surrender money to them in order to use their service? I’d thought that honor was reserved only for Premium Members. Evidently it doesn’t cost anything (and can actually be cost effective) to become a premium member. I just found this out when trying accept a $25 payment for Give Me The Rock.

2. I haven’t even opened Google Reader today. I don’t check it as much on the weekends, but today is only Friday! I hope I’m not missing out on some content I could use for the Friday Five.

3. NBA Playoffs start tomorrow. In case anyone besides me cares about that. I’m psyched. I’m going to be working outside most of the day, but I’m pretty sure I can at least break away for 2 hours to watch the PHX-SAS game on ABC at 2pm CST.

4. Friday should be Official Smoque Day. Well, every day should be Official Smoque Day, I suppose.

5. Blogger’s Autosave keeps failing, and it’s worrying me a little, so I’m going to go ahead and just publish this now. That and I need to hit that publish button so I can get back to writing stories about people who aren’t real. (ed note: Moved back to WordPress. Don’t need to worry about this anymore!)

Friday Five? Is that enough?

I knew I should have saved those other two awesome posts this week for Friday. I’ve been working too much this week to even care about trying to assemble 15 things for today. I do have a few…

1. Couldn’t whether to go with this first or leave it for last… so, first it is.

via [Whatever]

2. As a tech note for this post, the original video is on, but it doesn’t look like there’s any way to embed that one. Clearly someone ripped it from there and posted it to YouTube. I don’t like embedding YouTube vidoes in blog posts because, while the video is there now, who knows how long it will stay up there. Videos on YouTube still seem very ephemeral (to me, at least). I suppose I could rip the video myself and upload it to Blogger, but then I’d most likely be in violation of the law, and could just as easily make me or Blogger take it down as they could the person on YouTube.

3. Pursuant to this twitter and this follow-up: Davy Jones is in Money magazine this month advertising GorillaTrades. Davy says:

I’m a Believer! Why trade like a monkey [sic], when you can invest like a gorilla?

4. ArchPhoenix links and quotes from a new study on water. How long will the reprieve from 8 glass a day last until another study comes out saying we really need 16 glasses a day?

I’ve already had a 12 oz can of Coke Zero an 11.4 oz can of water, today. I could probably handle any amount of water the scientists throw out there as long as Coke Zero remains 95% H20.

5. See, I don’t even have a #5