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Same enemy, different friends.

In Weathering The Past, the exhilarating second novel in Nels Wadycki’s Valkyrie Project technothriller series, Ana Callif is back to finish the job she started and put a stop to the Continuum’s attempts to control the future.

Right place, wrong time.

Chases across the tops of hoverers, gunfights across cities and countries, and holes in the cybersecurity of virtual reality firewalls are all just part of the trail that leads Ana to the Continuum.

Is the enemy of my enemy a friend?

As pieces of the puzzle continue to fall into place, Ana must decide who to trust and who her real enemies are.

You may be done with the past, but the past isn’t done with you.

Can Ana and her allies face their pasts to save them from a future they may be powerless to stop?



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